About Us

Just Right Scents the brand loves all things scented and its entry to the market is with the highly anticipated hand-made diffusers. The brand launched originally in February 2020. The brand was created with an eco-friendly ethos, ensuring that the products used are from a renewable resource. Using a new, innovative technology the diffusers are created with a soya based renewable resource and it still gives an amazing scent throw every single time.

The roots of Just Right Scents stem from a genuine passion for scented products. The founder always had an obsession for diffusers, candles and all those things that smell nice but could not find that amazing option. Over the years, it become apparent that not all scented products provided the shelf longevity or the exclusivity that consumer want and need. 

This sparked an idea and that was Just Right Scents. All diffusers have a unique blend of oils to produce an unbeatable and much loved product that has been trialled and tested to ensure consumers get 6-8 weeks minimum of phenomenal scent throw.

From that, the brand then grew to making a more diverse range of scented products and catering to the market with our amazing wax melts. Our wax melts are hand poured within the U.K using a unique blend of fragrance oils accompanied with a soy wax from an eco-friendly source. Each segment pot gives you 60-70 hours of scentsational fragrance throughout any environment.